Fuel Sensor

  • Nuevas sensor is designed for set-up and calibration by technician even in field conditions using the mobile calibration station.
    The sensors are then connected to the Nuevas terminal, ready to start logging and monitoring fuel data. Our fuel level sensors are designed to provide high accuracy and reliability in the harsh environments including temperature and vibration.


    • Prob Length - 700,1000,1500 mm
    • Accuracy range +- 1,0 %
    • Measurement sampling time - 1 sec
    • Power supply Voltage DC 7-45Volts

    Analog Outut

    • max Output volatge 5 to 20V
    • min output volatge 0 to 15 V
    • Critical temperature points: -60°C to + -85°C
    • IP57 Certified
    • Average Service life 8 years