GPS vehicle tracking system unit manufacturer in Pune-India | Nuevas Technologies Pvt Ltd

The Vehicle Tracking System is the new innovative tool in the 21st century. It has proved to be a blessing for the logistic industry. And not only for logistic industry but it can be used effectively even for personal uses also. Nuevas Technologies Pvt Ltd has come up with the one stop unique solution for all of your fleet management or vehicle tracking needs. Let us have a quick overview of the services provided by Nuevas Tech, a leading GPS Vehicle Tracking System Unit Manufacturer in India.

  • Along with the Odometer records and theft security, you can also receive fuel records of the vehicle. This feature is very beneficial as it can prevent you from falling prey to any fraud. Once you install any vehicle tracking system crafted by Nuevas Tech, you can easily track or monitor fuel level status of your intended vehicle even from the mobile phone app. This can even reduce the financial investment you have to put, as you pay the only exact amount of the fuel used in the vehicle.
  • Audio Surveillance is again one of the coolest features you can use after installation of GPS Vehicle Tracking System developed by Nuevas Technologies Pvt Ltd. This feature enables you to hear the voices near the tracking device in real time. You just have to ensure that driver is unaware of the tracking device installed in the vehicle. Once you are done with the installation, you can receive all the voice notifications right in your mobile app. This could be very beneficial to avoid the future crisis that may happen in the case of unknown and new drivers. Due to the exact tracking facility, you can always figure out if the driver is telling you right information or not.
  • You can always check the on-off status of the vehicle. You can even receive notifications when the engine was ignited, for how much duration it was on unnecessarily etc. This type of customized notifications will definitely lead to the cost-efficient business module. In this way, you can even get notification SMS when AC in the vehicle is kept ON unnecessarily.
  • Panic button inbuilt in tracking system will enable the driver to inform you urgently in an emergency situation. You will get an SMS or a call if the panic button is pressed thrice. They say that first hour in any crisis is crucial. This rule is applied in this case also. Once, you get a notification about any critical situation you can make arrangements for remedies.
  • Along with the tracking service, you are provided a sufficient place in the dedicated servers developed by Nuevas Tech. With the help of hassle-free and user-friendly software plus mobile app, you can have easy access to the server. So, you can be ensured that your vehicle is handed over to the most trustworthy and reliable, robust security system