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Logistics Industry in India is expanding day by day. Technological advancements in the modern era have made it very easy to manage the whole functioning of logistics. GPS i.e., Global Positioning System has proven to be a blessing for the Logistic Industry.

Not only for Logistic industry but a personal tracker developed by Nuevas Technologies Pvt. Ltd is also useful in emergency situations. Consider you are traveling in an unknown city and lost in the network of roads. Now, there are only two options left for you. first, you can ask anyone for help and secondly, you can take help of GPS-vehicle tracking system. The second option is most reliable as it ensures you the accuracy along with the promptness in action. Knowing this, Country’s well-known GPS vehicle tracking system unit manufacturer Viz., Nuevas Technologies Pvt Ltd has developed an innovative GPS-Vehicle Tracking System which is robust in nature and capable of delivering you finest quality services smoothly without any interruption. Let us see some of the emphatic services provided by Nuevas Technologies.

  • Geofencing is one of the most innovative features in vehicle tracking system developed by Nuevas Tech. As the name suggests, geofencing allows you to restrict the area to travel, hence driver cannot cross the boundary beyond geofencing. If he crosses, then you receive an instant notification for the same and you can easily take a prompt action on this. You can also check the current location of the vehicle and also track it.
  • Route Violation done knowingly or unknowingly, can also be avoided with the help of vehicle tracking system of Nuevas Tech. In your server account, you can predefine the exact root of travel and if the driver tries to choose another route then you receive an alert SMS instantly on your mobile phone. In this way, you can deeply customize your settings up to a single route. This hassle-free facility is given by Nuevas Tech, India’s one of the top GPS-vehicle tracking system unit manufacturer.
  • You can also receive & have an eye on odometer records of the vehicle you want to track to. Hence, you can receive details of how much is the total distance traveled by your vehicle, how much was the maximum speed achieved, how many times did driver cross the economy speed, etc. This kind of information may not look useful in personal tracking but it can prove to be very crucial and significant when you are a logistic company and your valuable goods are traveling in bulk amount through the vehicle.
  • You can have access to all these details with the help of our dynamic mobile app. You can get the easy access to server database instantly so that you can even check out past data records. Our robust servers are maintained in such a way that you can have their instant access 24x7. The handling process of Mobile App is hassle-free and user-friendly.