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It’s time to bid goodbye to those days, when you had no option to keep a check on your drivers. After dropping you at the office, the drivers used to have a gala time giving lift to other passengers and earning extra. And that used to cost you some extra fuel, unwantedly. Well, those days are now gone; thanks to our impeccable vehicle tracking system. We are proud to present you with a complete check on your vehicles, along with the movements of the divers appointed.

Reasons to rely on us:

If you browse the internet, you will come across so many service providers working on the same panel of vehicle tracking. With so many options by your side, what are the reasons to choose our firm, Nuevas Technologies Pvt. Ltd, to be your leading object? Well, for the right answer, let’s jump right into some of our safety features; we have in store for you.

  • Odometer records
  • Our vehicle tracking system is designed with the perfect odomometer record service. With the help of this mechanism, you get the chance to procure detailed record of the distance, as covered by your vehicle. You can get hold of this report on daily or monthly basis, or depending on particular time duration.

    Now, you have a clear idea of the area your vehicle should cover, and the distance involved. If anything apart from that route is covered, that can be easily marked in the odometer records. And that will help you to catch the culprit red-handed.

  • Over speeding alerts:
  • In Pune, traffic polices are quite strict regarding the car speeding limit. If you tend to cross the marked speed limit, you are liable to pay some huge fines. Similarly, our GPS tracking system comprises of over speeding alerts. So, if your drier s taking any unscheduled halts, you will receive an alert.

    With the help of this mechanism, you have the right to take some necessary action in case any idle time is lodged during transportation, especially while covering up vehicle misuse or theft. So, even if you are not around, you are definitely going to keep a track on your vehicle, and the driver appointed for the job.

  • Track on the speed:
  • Other than the alerts mentioned above, our Vehical tracking service Provider in Pune- India offers you with a software to keep a track on the speed of the vehicle and its state border crossing. Our system will further alert you during any travel time for effective performance level. If anything goes out of order, you will receive an SMS alert on your phone with accurate details of the vehicle’s current location. And you will even receive alerts if the vehicle exceeds the pre-defined maximum speed limits.

Call us anytime:

Whenever you are in need of the best GPS vehicle tracking system, give a call to our service providers, and they are always happy to help. We are proud to offer you with the most comprehensive help, within the set budget plans. So, drop us an email or call us, without further waiting.