GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Comprehensive GPS Vehicle Tracking System Straight From Our Leading Team

At present, safety is your first-hand priority. Unless you are properly covered, keeping a single foot out of your home is hazardous to your health. That’s when you have to call up for our GPS vehicle tracking system from Nuevas Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Teamed up with the finest technical veterans, we are proud to present you with comprehensive GPS tracking system, for keeping a close watch on your vehicle. Our self-hosted and cloud fleet tracking software is par with any international standard program.

Importance of vehicle tracking:

Our vehicle tracking system helps in combining the proper usage of automatic vehicle location in individual cars and other vehicles. We have not just restricted our services towards only cars, but are covering school buses and more. Our designed software is going to collect the fleet related data for a comprehensive picture of its current location.

For locating your vehicle, our team uses the more specialized GPS technology. And you have the liberty to view the information on certain electronic maps through specialized software or internet. This system is an easy usable option and mobile friendly, in nature. So, you can keep an eye on the vehicle, even while you are on the move.

Ways in which tracking system works:

Our maps are among the most accurate in the industry with a resolution of 44 feet. Our GPS receiver can locate a position within 50 feet.

Intuitive interface and much more:

Known for its amazing intuitive user interface, our GPS vehicle tracking system in India is gaining quite some popularity, these days. It is solely designed for communication with multitudes of GPS devices, also known as trackers. Connect our software with your tablet or smartphones, and you are good to go.

Through our services, even larger organizations get the chance to monitor not only one, but unlimited vehicles right from the comfort of their offices. Now, you do not have to call the drivers to learn about their whereabouts, as the device will do the honor. You get the chance to track vehicles with their owners, as well, as a complete package.

Catch up with us right away:

For any other detailed information on our vehicle tracking software, we cordially invite you to come and join hand with our leading team. Log online at our official website, at, and get detailed information about the car and school bus tracking software, we have in store.

Our leading online team is waiting 24 x 7 and ready to cover all your requirements in no time. So, if you have any queries regarding our software usage, feel free to give us a call, right away!