Vehicle Tracking System

Grab The Extra Features Relating To Our Vehicle Tracking System In Pune

Nowadays, you will hardly come across a vehicle without a GPS system. With modern technology, advancing at a fast pace, it becomes rather easier for you to add GPS system on your phone, to keep a track of your current situation. Well, our team from Nuevas Technologies Pvt. Ltd took the same methodology to design the perfect GPS vehicle tracking system. Now, whether it’s your private care or the school bus which is taking your child to its destination, you can keep an eye on any vehicle crossing the road.

Importance of vehicle tracking system:

After going through much anticipation and hard work, we have finally come across the best vehicle GPS tracking system in Pune. Our system is not just going to help you track your vehicle and identify it, but will help in tracking the users or the owners, as well. Our same vehicle tracking system helps in monitoring the movements and even pops up alerts whenever anything goes wrong.

  • Proper geo fencing service:
  • Thanks to our amazing tracking system, now you get the liberty to enjoy geo fencing services through our software. Every time your vehicle crosses the boundaries or any of the predefine area, you are likely to receive an alert. You further have the liberty to define the area, where your vehicle is supposed to travel. If the diver takes your vehicle out of that jurisdiction, it will set forth an alarm.

    Whenever the geo fencing mode is one, it becomes hard for your driver to move out of the targeted area. And if ever he tries to do the same, it will trigger an alert. And within that moment, you get the chance to see the present location of your vehicle. So, if the driver has anything bad in his mind, you have every power to stop him from committing so!

  • Alert during route violation:
  • Whenever the driver violates any predefined route, our Vehicle Tracking system In Pune – India will provide you with an SMS alert. So, even if you are miles away from the said destination, still you can keep a close watch on your car and the driver. This software is proven to be just perfect if you ever lose your car. And through our mechanism, you get the chance to avoid misuse of your vehicles. We are covering the whole of Pune, and serving multiple people through our device.

    Being the owner of the vehicle, you have every right to define the route into the server route, and anything against that segment will give rise to SMS alerts. You even get the right to check on the current route of the vehicles through an online mode. This method will help you to trace some further moments of the chosen vehicle in a careful manner.

Catch up with us:

For any other information about our vehicle system, do not forget to give us a call. We are happy to answer all your queries and offer you with desired results. Once you have started using our GPS system, you will not look for any secondary option.