GPS vehicle tracking system dealer in Pune-India | Nuevas Technologies Pvt Ltd

In this era of technological advancements, we all are running in the race of survival. The smarter you are; more chances are there to win. Smart devices have taken over to our lives. We have somehow become dependent on such devices. Though this will not prove to be good always but most of the times it's beneficial. GPS vehicle tracking system has proved to be a blessing to the logistic system across the globe. Knowing this, Nuevas Technologies Pvt Ltd has developed the GPS/GSM based vehicle tracking system which is a one-stop solution to all your needs. Let us have a sneak peek on some of the classy products featured by Nuevas Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Tracker 100-200-300-400:

These are the devices that are capable of tracking your heavy vehicles carrying valuable goods. These devices can collect various vehicle coordinates and send them in real time to the receiver i.e., you. They take help of GSM network for the connectivity. One question may arise in your mind as to why these trackers are really essential if we have mobile phones with us? The basic point is when it comes to trusting someone in business it’s always better to be cautious earlier than never, as they say, that prevention is always better than cure.

Tracking done by these integrated systems incorporates various dynamic parameters and coordinates of vehicles that are essential to you. These are basically the ‘must-installs’ for your logistic management. These trackers are essential in fleet management, car rental companies, taxi companies, personal cars etc. These can keep almost 10000+ records in their internal memory when not connected to the network. After retrieving the connection, they send the same data to the receiver. Depending upon the model no., capabilities of the devices vary and we can choose the one as per our convenience.

RFID Tracker:

Radio Frequency Identification is the technology used in this device. This device can also track all the parameters and coordinates of the vehicle you are trying to track to. These coordinates are then sent with the help of GSM network. If you are running out of network/coverage, then also need not to worry. Like Tracker 100, Tracker 200, Tracker 300 & Tracker 400 this device can also save huge data into the internal memory and later after retrieval it sends all the data to the receivers.

Two Wheeler Tracker & Personal Tracker:

Some of the industries such as food delivery, E-commerce websites etc. also need a tracker that can be fitted in two wheelers. As their delivery boys are given two wheeler vehicles for the traveling purpose. Being one of the top GPS vehicle system tracking dealer in Pune, Nuevas Technologies has developed Two Wheeler Tracker that can send all the real time parameters and coordinates to the receiver with the help of GSM network. Similarly, compact personal tracker developed by Nuevas is also very beneficial while finding or tracking a missing person.