GPS Tracking System

Cloud and self hosted fleet tracking software

  • Vehicle Tracking

    A vehicle tracking system combines the use of an automatic vehicle locator in individual vehicles with software that collects fleet data for a comprehensive picture of the vehicle locations. We use GPS technology for locating the vehicles. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via Internet or on our specialized software

    GPS tracking system is easy to use, mobile friendly, has an intuitive user interface and is designed to communicate with a wide variety of GPS devices (trackers), including smart phones and tablets.

Nuevas GPS Tracking Videos

Most Advance Vehicle and Personal Tracking System

How School Bus Tracking System works ?

Our school bus tracking system is designed to turn your fleet of busses into smart busses. With multiple features like school bus arrival alerts (for parents, bus drivers and teachers), departure alert, route violation alerts, over speeding alerts and much more.

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You can turn your school bus transport system into an efficient and smart system. Our features are completely customizable and you can choose exactly what you need. Take a look at the video to understand exactly how it works.


  • Easier record keeping of the students entering and exiting the bus. Can be integrated with the school attendance system.
  • Alerts for parents and schools before and after the child boards the bus
  • Real time tracking using GPS + GSM technology and geo-fencing. Much more efficient than the older systems that use RFID
  • Flexible system that can be tailor made

How Personal Tracking System works ?

Trackzia is a personal tracking GPS device designed to track your loved ones. Its unique design makes it easier for the device to be attached to bags, clothes, dog collars, bicycles etc. so that you can conveniently keep a track of those who matter the most.

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Ideal for School going children, elderly people, patients with dementia, Alzheimer’s or any related illness, pets and even while transporting your valuable stuff.


  • No Wi-Fi or external internet connection required: The device does not require any external internet or GPS connectivity as it comes with an inbuilt e-SIM card
  • Battery backup of up to 3days
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Motion/Fall sensor and Panic Button
  • Daily, weekly and monthly Reports
  • Theft Protection: Can be connected to your bike or car to get an alert if it moves
  • Lifetime Mobile app free
  • Made in India

How Employee Transport System works ?

Employees generally look for convenience in transport and safety as the two major factors in office transport. Safety of employees; especially female employees is another important aspect that prospective employees consider in a job.

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With a secure tracking and transportation system in place, organizations can make the transportation of their employees hassle free and safe. Vehicle management with vehicle types and seating capacity.


  • Route creation and preparation
  • Employee management with employee shift management, recording preplanned leaves , change in pick and drop points
  • Pick and Drop management
  • Daily rosters of employees depending on the route and shifts
  • Various MIS Report
  • SMS alerts to drivers and employees

How Transport Management System works ?

Our transport management systems are used in various logistics companies, Municipal corporations and freight tracking. These provide you with an added advantage of keeping your vehicles safe, ensuring that they are not being misused.

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With features like engine auto lock, over speeding alerts and many more, you can accurately find out the locations of your vehicles and turn off the ignition if you notice any misuse.


  • Reduce freight expenses
  • Increase supply chain efficiency
  • Track deliveries in real time
  • Avoid Misuse of vehicles
  • Improve customer service
  • Improve warehouse efficiency and productivity